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  1. The Saint of Thieves Dana Haynes

  2. Dempsey Jeffrey Wilson

  3. Murder in Haxford Rick Bleiweiss

  4. The Frenchman Jack Beaumont

  5. Hell Divers X: Fallout Nicholas Sansbury Smith

  6. The Numbers Nick Pirog

  7. Daughter Dalloway Emily France

  8. I Am DJ Michelle Michelle Rasul

  9. Émilienne Pamela Binnings Ewen

  10. The Wisdom of Morrie Morrie Schwartz

  11. Blood Circus Camila Victoire

  12. Bare Knuckle Stayton Bonner

  13. Courage under Fire Steven A. Sund

  14. Manifest Destiny Zach Daniel

  15. Matthew Johnson, US Marshal Johnny D. Boggs

  16. The Children’s Story James Clavell

  17. Four Seasons Chris Widener

  18. The Sinner Martyn Waites

  19. Beasts of the Earth James Wade

  20. River Woman, River Demon Jennifer Givhan

  21. God, Family, Country Craig Morgan

  22. Toxic Effects Joel Shulkin

  23. Valle de Sombras Rudy Ruiz

  24. Valley of Shadows Rudy Ruiz

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