The Midnight Show Murders
The Midnight Show Murders

The Morning Show Murders - Book 2

The Midnight Show Murders

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From bestselling author and iconic news personality Al Roker comes The Midnight Show Murders, the second book in the delightful Morning Show Murders series.

Celebrity chef and Wake Up, America! cohost Billy Blessing heads to Los Angeles in order to help launch O’Day at Night, a new late-night show hosted by Irish comedian Desmond O’Day. LA brings up bad—and bloody—memories for Billy, but a special request from the head of the network sends him flying across the country.

Twenty years ago, before becoming a famous New York chef, Billy worked in LA at Chez Anisette. One unfortunate evening, the young hostess, Tiffany Arden, was murdered with a meat tenderizer. While Billy always suspected the head chef, Roger Charbonnet, to be the murderer, the case was never solved.

Now, back in a city he never thought he’d return to, Billy is confronted by Roger, who is still determined to exact vengeance. After a horrifying explosion during taping kills more than Desmond O’Day’s chance at high ratings, Billy believes that he was the intended target—and that Roger was somehow involved. But when politics, infidelity, and high finance get sprinkled in, the case turns out to have more ingredients than Billy ever imagined.

Filled with the high-style hilarity, insider info, and surefire suspense that are Al Roker’s series trademark, The Midnight Show Murders is a five-star feast for any fan of top-flight mystery fiction.