Maria’s Scarf
Maria’s Scarf

Maria’s Scarf

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A beautiful and transformative memoir, Maria’s Scarf is the incredible story of a mother’s love, a family’s unbreakable bond, and a starry-eyed boy who never lost sight of his dreams.

As the fatherless biracial child of a Mexican immigrant, Danny Donnelly was never expected to amount to much. Before the age of nine, his single mother had moved her seven children more than thirty times—from the impoverished streets of South Central Los Angeles to rural Oregon and everywhere in between.

Sometimes there was no home to go to, so they slept in their ’62 Chevy; sometimes dinner was a slice of bread; sometimes they showered in a nearby park. Desperate yet ever hopeful, they clung to the only thing they had—each other. Through it all, Danny longed for his father’s love and approval, ultimately channeling his pain and transforming himself into Zoro, one of the world’s greatest drummers.

Eloquent, hilarious, and remarkably tender, Maria’s Scarf: A Memoir of a Mother’s Love, a Son’s Perseverance, and Dreaming Big, tells the story of a family fighting for survival against almost insurmountable odds. Through laughter, tears, and many misadventures, Zoro touches the heart of every reader—young or old, citizen or immigrant—and speaks to the dreamer in all of us, emboldening everyone to live fantazmical lives.

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