Attack of the Forty-Foot Chicken
Attack of the Forty-Foot Chicken

The Bonkers Series - Book 2

Attack of the Forty-Foot Chicken

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If Lemony Snicket rebooted the Goosebumps franchise, you’d have something close to Bonkers: the quirky, creepy, hilarious new series from #1 New York Times bestselling author Patrick Carman.

Barker Mifflin never leaves home without his go bag, his army boots, and his trusty flyswatter. As the town of Nevermind’s resident eleven-year-old survivalist, Barker knows catastrophe can strike anytime, anywhere. But now that school is out for the summer, he might be able to let his guard down. After all, he and his friends all got jobs picking strawberries at McFadden Farm. What could possibly go wrong?

Turns out: everything.

Things get weird from day one when Barker meets Supreme Commander McJerry—a teenage crew boss who loves making kids miserable—and his younger sister Megan, a kid with more secrets than an international superspy. And the terror in Jenny’s armpit seems downright normal compared to what’s hidden in the barn!

Join Barker Mifflin as he pieces together a forty-foot-tall mystery that could crush the whole town of Nevermind. No amount of training could prepare anyone to survive THIS!