The Morning Show Murders
The Morning Show Murders

The Morning Show Murders

The Morning Show Murders

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When the celebrity chef from a popular morning news program becomes a prime suspect in a murder investigation, things start to sizzle in this delightful mystery from bestselling author and legendary news personality Al Roker.

Billy Blessing, owner of the popular Manhattan restaurant Blessing’s Bistro, is a regular contributor on the morning news show, Wake Up, America! Now he’s creating a fresh cooking competition show, but finds himself clashing with Rudy Gallagher, the executive producer. Things get heated in the newsroom, and after exchanging some sharp words, both Billy and Rudy walk away feeling burned.

Next thing he knows, Rudy is found dead in his luxury apartment, and Billy is the prime suspect. Determined to clear his name, Billy begins his own investigation, only to discover things are much more complicated than he ever imagined. Unsavory characters start coming out of the woodwork, and before long he stumbles into the crosshairs of an international assassin.

The first in a delicious series, The Morning Show Murders combines the magic of morning show television with the charm of your favorite mysteries, including exciting behind-the-scenes intrigue that can only come from a veteran of network television.