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  1. Hell Divers XI: Renegades Nicholas Sansbury Smith

  2. Above the Fire Michael O’Donnell

  3. Scratch One Michael Crichton writing as John Lange™

  4. While Drowning in the Desert Don Winslow

  5. A Long Walk up the Water Slide Don Winslow

  6. Odds On Michael Crichton writing as John Lange™

  7. Areté Brian Johnson

  8. Mom Com Adriana Mather

  9. Mind Burn Rhett C. Bruno

  10. American Girl Wendy Walker

  11. Way Down on the High Lonely Don Winslow

  12. The Moon in the Mango Tree Pamela Binnings Ewen

  13. Exit Wounds Lanny Hunter

  14. We Have Always Been Who We Are Sofia T. Romero

  15. Weird Tales: 100 Years of Weird Jonathan Maberry

  16. You’re Gonna Die Alone (& Other Excellent News) Devrie Brynn Donalson

  17. Rosemary’s Baby Ira Levin

  18. The War of Words Molly Guptill Manning

  19. Slime Doesn’t Pay! R. L. Stine

  20. The Venom Business Michael Crichton writing as John Lange™

  21. The Never Wars David Pedreira

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