The Exlian Syndrome Series - Book 1


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For Glory! For Humanity!

Determined to follow in his heroic family’s footsteps, Mark Fields is counting down the days until his power awakens and he can join the military. Humanity has been driven to the brink of extinction by a dangerous threat lurking in the wilderness, and there is nothing Mark wants more than to defend the massive fortress city he calls home.

But when his older brother returns from deployment, a burned-out wreck of the powerful soldier he was only six months earlier, Mark’s world is thrown into chaos. He begins to question whether joining humanity’s defense force is actually a good idea, and a chance encounter with a secret group supercharges his mana ability, unexpectedly thrusting him into the limelight at his training camp.

Leveraging his newfound power, Mark quickly rises to the top of his unit, making it into the elite scout camp that puts him on a fast track for promotion. Enamored by this new life, he doesn’t notice the dangerous friends his brother is making—until it’s too late.