Cupid On the Loose

Cupid On the Loose

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From the author of All the Cowboys Ain’t Gone and California Fever comes a romantic comedy with subtle depth and considerable hilarity.

This delightful romp is a contemporary romance centering on two young couples who fall in and out of love—and the mayhem that ensues. Behind the chaos is a mischievous Cupid, gleefully responsible for all the passion-fueled havoc, ready to push the lovers in whichever way provides the most entertaining result. Eventually things get sorted out, but not without a fair amount of poking fun at infatuation and contemplation of a deeper romantic love.

Reminiscent of Shakespeare’s A Midsummer Night’s Dream, Cupid on the Loose is a highly entertaining love story with a delightfully twenty-first century twist on the character of Cupid. Perfect for anyone who’s ever been in love (or lust).