When She Was Gone

When She Was Gone

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From internationally bestselling author Sara Foster, When She Was Gone is a riveting psychological thriller perfect for fans of Tana French and Jane Harper.

On a remote beach in south-west Australia, a nanny has disappeared along with the two young children in her care …

The case is making worldwide news, but despite a handsome reward, the search has turned up nothing. It’s a nightmare for Senior Detective Sergeant Blackwood, six months away from retirement and desperately trying to save his marriage amidst this case, now tipped to define his career—whether for good or ill.

Twenty years ago, Rose Campbell was a young, ambitious police officer, until a harrowing incident left her partner dead and Rose suffering PTSD. In the aftermath, her husband Henry left her, taking their small daughter with him and completely cutting Rose out of their lives.

But now he’s calling Rose to tell her their child, Louisa, is the missing nanny. Henry’s new wife has just given birth and he can’t leave her, so he’s asking Rose to fly halfway around the world to support the investigation. When she arrives, all her long-neglected instincts come roaring back, and Rose becomes determined to uncover the truth, and bring her daughter home.