Hang on St. Christopher

The Sean Duffy Series - Book 8

Hang on St. Christopher

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New York Times bestselling author Adrian McKinty continues the Edgar Award–winning Sean Duffy series with Hang on St. Christopher

Now serving part-time as a Carrickfergus RUC reservist until he gets his pension, Detective Inspector Sean Duffy believes he’s solved his last case. But when the lead detective is away on holiday, the Chief urgently calls upon Duffy to investigate a homicide in one of Belfast’s wealthiest neighborhoods.

At first, the murder seems straightforward: a carjacking of a jaguar by teenage joyriders gone wrong, resulting in the death of the owner, a solitary, middle-aged painter. However, before he can blink Duffy is plunged into one of the most challenging cases of his career. With no forensic evidence, no eyewitnesses, and an ID-less victim—who may be connected to an IRA warlord—he has his work cut out for him.

Determined now to solve the murder and discover the victim’s true identity, Duffy enters a tangled web of shady art forgers, surly skinheads, and tight-lipped Dublin suit-makers, and soon finds himself neck-deep in a case that grows more dangerous as the pieces of the solution begin to fall into place.