The Unconquerable Game

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Among the 40 million active golfers in the world today, Callaway is recognized by touring pros and amateurs alike for having created the most compatible golf equipment ever made. Indeed, Callaway’s revolutionary approach to research and manufacturing changed the game, and how people approached it, for the largest subset of players in history.

However, not many know that the company was founded by one man, Ely Callaway (1919–2001), who, at the age of 65—after enjoying successful careers in textiles and wine—began it as a garage start-up in southern California. Within ten years, Ely (Ee-lee) built the Callaway Golf Company into the largest golf club company in the world and one of the sport’s most prestigious brands. Golf was Ely’s passion project: he had spent 50 years playing the game as an amateur; following the example of his hero and first cousin, Grand Slam winner Bobby Jones; analyzing the golf industry; and reflecting on the true meaning of the game.

The success of the Callaway Golf Company was a direct result of its charismatic leader, who made a deep impression on everyone he met. Ely was beloved by millions around the world, from golfers to presidents, pop stars, to corporate titans, and most importantly, the weekend players who often struggled with their game.

In the last years of his life, Ely wrote a book about the secrets of his success. He wanted to share his outlook on life with others, and why he kept at “the unconquerable game” for as long as he did. Ely died in 2001 however, before he was able to publish the book.

Now, a generation later, the “lost book” of Ely Callaway is finally edited and compiled by his son, Nicholas Callaway. Here for the first time are Ely’s stories from his lifetime in the game of golf, the people he met along the way, as well as vignettes from his career in business. Ely was a man who loved his work and sport and life, and the wisdom embedded in these pages offers promising life lessons for all.