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Want to know what it takes to lead like the absolute best?

‌Unlock your leadership skills with Superior: Creating a Superior Culture of Excellence and delve into the unparalleled wisdom of Rusty Komori’s expertise in building a remarkable culture for teams.

‌Leveraging his outstanding 22-year streak of championship-winning tennis coaching, Rusty Komori brings the concept of developing a superior culture to life with vivid examples that will transform you into the most exceptional leader you can be.

‌This book unveils valuable methods that leaders can utilize with their teams, including:

  • ‌The Three Cs of Leadership: Choices, Communication, and Culture

  • The Six Keys for Peak Performance

  • A comprehensive 50-question Leadership assessment tool to amplify your performance

‌If you were inspired by Good to Great, this book will take you even further. Rooted in an unwavering pursuit of excellence, embrace these actionable principles and carve your own path to being number one.