Get Up Girl!

Get Up Girl!

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“A must-read for career women motivated to succeed in living a balanced life.”

Modern-day Feminism is esoteric, polarizing, and in need of a massive makeover! Millennials and the younger generations are pivoting and in need of healthy leaders, as this era will present some of the greatest opportunities for women that our generations have ever seen. We need our female leaders to be healed and whole so that we can raise up women that will be able to bridge the gap in a divided world.

Get Up Girl! is a guide for women to become great leaders of this generation. It is a book for women tackling business as female entrepreneurs, managing their personal lives, and trying to find balance in an ever-changing world!
Get Up Girl! uses pop culture, history, and the arts to relate to its audience and draws them in with the author’s relatable stories. The book addresses:

●      Finding your true identity

●      Establishing healthy boundaries at work

●      Finding purpose in work and home life

●      Learning how to overcome failures and obstacles

●      Trading in victimhood and fear for a healthy mindset

Get up Girl! will get its readers to dig deep and run back to where they dropped their courage. It will help women create a roadmap and strategy to see their dreams realized by giving readers the necessary tools to help implement their vision. By the end of this book, the readers will be inspired, stronger, and healthier. Readers will get up, find their “ROAR!” and be the bigger, badder version of who they used to be.