Son of Rosemary

Son of Rosemary

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Return to the dark and haunting world of Rosemary’s Baby in Ira Levin’s captivating sequel, Son of Rosemary.

Ira Levin’s Rosemary’s Baby, one of the best-selling books of all time, is an iconic classic that ushered in the era of modern horror. This shocking and darkly comic sequel is set well after the harrowing events of the first book, and is just as compelling and suspenseful. It is now 1999, and Rosemary Woodhouse awakens from a decades-long coma to find herself in a drastically changed world. She soon discovers her son is already thirty-three years old, and is a charismatic spiritual leader worshipped virtually world-wide, preaching a message of tolerance and peace. But is “Andy” the savior the troubled world desperately needs, or is he his father’s son—the Devil’s child?

Master of suspense Ira Levin’s thought-provoking exploration of good and evil, Son of Rosemary, finds Rosemary and her boy reunited in a battle of wills that will determine the course of the new millennium—and the fate of humankind.