The Sound and the Fury

The Sound and the Fury

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A stunningly designed and produced new collectible hardcover edition of Faulkner’s masterpiece, with full-color illustrations of scenes from the novel

A classic of American literature from a Nobel Prize winning author, The Sound and the Fury is widely considered to be one of the best novels of the twentieth century. William Faulkner expertly illustrates the epic and tragic story of the Compson family, three generations of Southern aristocrats on the brink of ruin.

Unprecedented for its time, Faulkner weaves a tale spanning nearly two decades, told from multiple points of view in a style all its own. Featuring some of the most memorable characters in literature—the beautiful and rebellious Caddy; the haunted and neurotic Quentin; the brutal and cynical Jason; and Dilsey, the matriarchal servant who observes them all—this novel is a heart-rending investigation of family, legacy, social change, and the decline of a once powerful aristocratic dynasty.