The Black Berets, Vol. 1

The Black Berets, Vol. 1

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The Black Berets learned their lethal skills on the secret battlefields of Vietnam. In the first volume of this classic series of wartime adventure, once the Black Berets start fighting for themselves, what will it take to be able to stop them?

Deadly Reunion

As war raged in Vietnam, the Black Berets took on the most secret—and most heinous—of covert operations. Eight years after their bloody exploits across the battlefields of Asia, the five-man team is reunited at the behest of their scheming CIA handler. However, word has it one of their own, thought long-dead, is alive and being held prisoner in Laos. Shaking off the cobwebs of civilian life, the Black Berets must re-hone their skills to become a flawless killing machine once more. Eager to get back in the game, they’re ready for action. But who can they really trust?

Cold Vengeance

The Black Berets had survived everything the Vietcong could throw at them. Now they’d throw it back … at the American renegade who’d betrayed them. They’d never liked Parkes, their former CIA case officer. But how were they going to tell him? First they had to find him, and that would take Beeker, Rosie, Cowboy, Harry, and Marty, from the bayous of Louisiana to an academy of terror in the Libyan desert, where they’d get a chance to say just what they had in mind—with bullets and a body bag.

The Black Palm

The Black Palm called themselves a nation, though their own people had cast them out. They called themselves an army, but made war on unarmed men, women, and children. And in their fanatical crusade, they might strike anywhere. The only thing that stood between the tiny Caribbean republic of New Neuzen and a terrorist bloodbath were five American tourists. Those tourists happened to be the Black Berets, the dirtiest—and deadliest—warriors on earth. And they had not come to New Neuzen for a vacation. Unless your idea of a holiday is total war!