The Bridgeport Social Club Trilogy

The Bridgeport Social Club Trilogy

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New York Times bestselling author Shelley Shepard Gray presents the complete Bridgeport Social Club series about men who need a place to call home, a community in need of hope, and a group of women who are special enough to help both things happen.

Take a Chance

After her student Sam gets in a fight, Emily meets his rugged older brother and guardian, Kurt Holland. Emily has a strict no-dating policy when it comes to her students’ parents, but Kurt isn’t technically Sam’s parent. It’s OK to bend the rules a little bit, right?

All In

Meredith Hunt is content with her solo life. But when she’s mugged and the handsome Ace Vance comes to her rescue, she doesn’t know how to accept his help—or how to stop staring into his chocolate-brown eyes. Thrown together by a careless criminal, Meredith and Ace can’t deny their attraction. But can they open their hearts—and their lives—to make room for love?

Hold On Tight

When widower Jackson Koch sees his neighbor Dani Brown running herself ragged for her son’s baseball ambitions, Jackson gets the Bridgeport Social Club involved. But will Dani be able to accept help from the handsome neighbor she’s starting to have more-than-friendly feelings for?