The Rogue Stars Series


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Abandon ship, or go down in a blaze of glory.

Commander Predaxes, former Marine in the Lazaab military, has been recommissioned to Prison Station 12, known colloquially as Purgatory. On the outskirts of the Centridium, PS12 relies solely on a wormhole for contact with the government—not to mention supplies.

His newest inmate, Samea Malik, is more than a bit of trouble. Son to the Minister of Justice, Malik is the target of both assassination and recovery. When the station is attacked and chaos rains down upon them all, those onboard must abandon their posts for the closest habitable planet, Faebos. With what little planning they could do, Predaxes and crew discover an old, defunct mining colony and quickly discover why the project was deserted.

Faebos is home to violent and nasty creatures, but also great beauty. Survival will mean cooperation between PS12’s captives and captors. But will it be enough?

Faced with hardship no one expected, needing to tap into old skills and new, Predaxes and Malik find themselves in their own form of Purgatory.

Purgatory is the first book in a brand-new Military Space Opera series by #1 Audible and Washington Post bestseller Jaime Castle, creator of the Black Badge series. Perfect for fans of David Weber, Larry Correia, and Rick Partlow.