The Terror in Jenny’s Armpit
The Terror in Jenny’s Armpit

The Bonkers Series - Book 1

The Terror in Jenny’s Armpit

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Bonkers: the new megaseries from New York Times bestselling author Patrick Carman

There’s something in Jenny’s armpit, and it’s getting bigger.

Ten-year-old Jenny Kim and her two buddies, Fen Stenson and Barker Mifflin, live in the town of Nevermind, where strange happenings are so normal that finding a mysterious thing growing in your armpit isn’t even considered a big deal. But when the mysterious thing gets so big Jenny has to haul it around in a wheelbarrow, it’s cause for concern. She’s going to need some help sorting this out!

Enter Fen Stenson and Barker Mifflin—dancing Swedish exchange student and doomsday prepper extraordinaire—and you’ve got a team of friends made for the moment.

Go with Jenny, Fen, and Barker as they visit an abandoned chemistry lab, discover curious creatures called Snerbs, and uncover a secret so big it might just eat the entire planet. It could happen!