Hell Divers XII: Heroes
Hell Divers XII: Heroes

Hell Divers Series

Hell Divers XII: Heroes

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New York Times and USA Today bestselling author Nicholas Sansbury Smith throws the Divers into another action packed adventure in the final installment of the Hell Divers series.

The Forerunner has decimated the Vanguard Islands in a surprise attack from the Trident warship. King Kade Long—seeing no alternative—accepts a peace deal, committing to a perilous mission with X, the “Immortal,” to activate weather-modification reactors at the poles. But as Kade and X set off, the fragile peace is threatened by a one-man guerrilla war against the psychopathic knight, General Jack. Meanwhile, halfway across the world, Michael and his family begin to settle into their new life in the Canary Islands, only to discover that it’s not the sanctuary they believed it was.

Diving into the most inhospitable territory yet, the Hell Divers face horrific monsters bred for a single purpose: to keep them out at any cost. Their only hope of defeating them and restoring the planet is for enemies to unite behind the Immortal and finally work together. But with blood being shed back home, these heroes may have nothing left to save.

In this final Hell Divers book, beloved characters will confront their fates in a desperate bid to resurrect the world, though not all will live to see the dawn of a new era.