My Darlings

My Darlings

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No one was supposed to know. I’ve always been so careful. My Darlings, how did we get here?

Evil lurks behind the perfectly manicured lawns, ornate iron gates, and long winding driveways of affluent DC–but not for long.

Stay-at-home mom Eloise Williams is PTO president and a respected local philanthropist who sits on the boards of many distinguished charities. In addition to being a doting wife and mother, she is also a serial killer.

But Eloise isn’t the only lady of society playing a part. As the hidden lives of Eloise’s inner circle are exposed, the body count rises. When an old friend returns, Eloise desperately clings to control.

Money and power can only buy influence and safety for so long. Eventually, the curtains lift, exposing the chilling reality hiding in plain sight.

Content Warnings: Child death, suicide, hazing, bullying, murder, infidelity, brutal slayings, domestic abuse, torture