Positive Influence
Positive Influence

The I in Team Series - Book 2

Positive Influence

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Our influence is our greatest responsibility. And our greatest gift.

We are influenced by every person and interaction we have, and, in turn, we influence everyone and everything around us. We all have a choice about what to do with our influence: Will we leave a negative impact on others or use our influence to become a shining beacon of positivity?

Smith and Griffin upskill readers with tools to stay humble, lead themselves and the people around them well, and create opportunities to expand their influence in new and exciting ways, including offering wisdom on:

  • Understanding that each person is important and has a tremendous influence

  • Looking out for common pitfalls and avoiding the traps you set for yourself

  • How to remain composed, take the high road, and avoid unnecessary overreactions

  • Understanding how you learn best so you can work to be your best self

  • Valuing true diversity and equality and understanding how it influences us all

Through sharing these core principles, readers learn to harness their power to create positive, lasting improvements in the people and environments around them. By helping readers understand the power they have to affect change, Positive Influence offers ideas for how to step into a life filled with prosperity and share that prosperity with everyone they touch.