My Mentor Walks on Water
My Mentor Walks on Water

My Mentor Walks on Water

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Everyone needs a mentor. We buy books, programs, take classes, and attend seminars searching for answers to life’s toughest questions. But what if the answers are found in the One that created you? Not the institutional religion that we are accustomed to, but a radical direct connection to Jesus?

In My Mentor Walks on Water, Donna helps you discover how to connect who you are with how God sees you, dig deeper in Scripture, how to seek out mentorship, and why it matters. Readers will learn about:

• Reconciling our self-identity

• Transforming our future lives by writing a new story for the past

• Deepening our understanding and knowledge of who Jesus is and His love for us

• Exploring the ways we can be mentored by Scripture, the Spirit, and other people

• Seeking out discipleship in every area of your life

• What it means to walk on water and leave a legacy

Through the pages of My Mentor Walks on Water, you’ll not only find answers to lifelong questions but encounter Jesus in a way that creates a renewed purpose and vision. When you step out and leave the comfort of being a boat sitter behind, you’ll cause a ripple effect that impacts the world around you.

So, what are you waiting for? Don’t stay in the boat. It’s time to lock eyes with Jesus and be a water walker.