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Shadow Lab

Shadow Lab

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In Shadow Lab, a brilliant roster of speculative fiction writers pull readers into a diverse and genre-bending collection of stories, each as irresistible as the last.

From New York Times and USA Today bestselling author Nicholas Sansbury Smith comes X and Miles, a tale of the lost years, set in the world of the Hell Divers series. In the radioactive wastes of what was once known as Earth, a man and his dog fight nightmarish creatures in order to return to their home in the sky.

In Clouds by Brian Francis Slattery, a happily married couple finds their relationship strained when they end up on opposite sides of a brewing conflict in the aftermath of the arrival of an alien species from outer space.

In Her Eyes by Rebecca Webb tells the story of Addie, a woman who discovers a pair of eyeglasses that offer a portal into the minds of their previous owners. Soon her obsession with a reckless woman named Nima begins to change everything …

These stories and more await the curious reader in Shadow Lab, a brand-new anthology from Blackstone Publishing.