All the Other Me
All the Other Me

All the Other Me

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Perfect for fans of The Rehearsals by Annette Christie and What Might Have Been by Holly Miller, All the Other Me is a poignant story of what it means to come to terms with who you are— and who you can be.

Isabelle Duprees is one of Forbes’ most powerful self-made women and has built a reputation as one of New York’s savviest investors and sharpest advisors. With a penthouse overlooking Central Park, an open invitation to any event she wishes to attend, and a weekly date with a man who won’t ask too much of her, Isabelle’s carefully curated life is exactly what she wants.

Until it isn’t.

After her estranged sister shows up, circumstances—and too much champagne—have Isabelle Googling herself, only to discover three other women her age, with the same name, birthdate, and familiar features.

Too curious not to follow this rabbit hole, Isabelle and her sister embark on a road trip that leads them back to their hometown—and possibly each other. On the way, they seek out all the other Isabelles and find each one of them living a life that could have been hers if she’d made different choices.