Beverly Bonnefinche Is Dead
Beverly Bonnefinche Is Dead

Beverly Bonnefinche Is Dead

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A Barnes & Noble Favorite Indie Book of August & September

Socially awkward, anxiety-riddled Beverly Bonnefinche only loves three things in life: her parents, books, and a homeless man named Bill. Without them, the only way Beverly manages to get by each day is with the help of a peculiar coping mechanism that allows her to dissolve her feelings.

Yet everything changes for Beverly when she meets Henry, a persistent, friendly man who sees something in Beverly most people have missed. As their relationship develops, despite her best intentions, Beverly soon finds herself stepping outside of her carefully controlled life and forging new friendships. 

It’s only when a series of twists and turns threatens to unravel her new life, and her mind, that Beverly must determine if she’s got it in her to stop trudging through life—and finally start living it.

Emotional, witty, and uplifting, Beverly Bonnefinche Is Dead is an unforgettable story of love, loss, friendship, and what it means to ultimately find the courage to be who you are.

Content Warnings: stillbirth, pregnancy loss, mental health, attempted suicide, suicidal ideation