Halifax: Transgression
Halifax: Transgression

The Doctor Jane Halifax Series

Halifax: Transgression

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“Dark and twisted, this addictive thriller will keep you guessing right up until the final chapter. Loved it!” — Rebecca Gibney, star of Halifax f.p.

Based on Australia’s hugely popular Halifax f.p. television series, Roger Simpson brings Dr. Jane Halifax to life once again in this tense and twisted thriller that has her racing to catch one of the most dangerous serial killers she’s ever encountered.

Jane, an experienced and talented criminal profiler, is approached by former colleague—and former lover—Inspector Eric Ringer to help solve a brutally violent murder. The victim, a billionaire mogul and art collector, was found oddly arranged and impaled on a priceless statue featured prominently in the large estate’s foyer. The perpetrator left nothing behind, and the scene gives no clues as to who might have committed such a cruel and strangely ritualistic act.

Jane is hesitant to get involved with this complex case—and the charismatic inspector that’s leading the hunt. But something deeply sinister about this killer keeps pulling her back in. And as the bodies start to stack up, each murder more violent than the last, Jane’s skills are put to the test as she works to uncover the killer’s intentions—before they strike again.