The St. Nicholas Salvage & Wrecking Series Box Set

The St. Nicholas Salvage & Wrecking Series Box Set

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A New York City ex-cop with too many rules and a Spanish ex-spy with too few make the perfect bounty hunters to track down the world’s most wanted.

St. Nicholas Salvage & Wrecking

Michael Patrick Finnigan and Katalin Fiero Dahar of St. Nicholas Salvage & Wrecking, a largely illegal bounty hunting operation, get the assignment to track down and save a group of kidnapped Middle Eastern refugee children. But when they discover that the perpetrator is a Serbian mobster, the partners reach out to their “friends” to find justice.


A serial bomber is wreaking havoc throughout Europe. Former cop Michael Finnigan and former assassin Katalin Fiero—the brains behind St. Nicholas Salvage & Wrecking—may be the only ones who can stop the carnage. As the partners learn who they can—and can’t—trust, they come face-to-face with shocking secrets at the highest echelons of the world’s intelligence communities.

The Saint of Thieves

When Michael gets a panicked call that Sally Blue is in trouble, he and Katalin head to Rome to help. Sally’s a friend, and her outfit of thieves, the Black Harts, have proved themselves invaluable to St. Nicholas on numerous ops in the past. But saving Sally gets more complicated by the minute, for she’s set her larcenous sights on astronomically valuable goods.