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From Sundance Award–winning filmmaker and podcast creator Miles Joris-Peyrafitte and #1 New York Times bestselling author Sara Shepard, Gaslight is a tense thriller that dredges the inner workings of cults, the susceptibility of young minds, and the fragility of both friendship and marriage.

Rebecca is living a peaceful life in Nevada with her husband, Tom, and their two young children. Her past is in the past and she does a good job of keeping it there, until her old friend, Danny, shows up on the doorstep one morning, throwing her sweet family life into turmoil. Danny is nothing but a reminder of what Rebecca fled all those years ago, and all the secrets she’s keeping from Tom. She tries her hardest to manage the situation and figure out what Danny wants, but all Rebecca seems to find are layers upon layers of deception.

That deception has a lot to do with ISB, the cult Danny has been part of for ten years; a group of spiritual seekers living deep in the woods, cut off from their families and friends, led by a charismatic leader who’s a master at manipulation and mind control. Is Danny here because she’s trying to break free from the cult? Or is she on a recruiting mission? It’s hard for Rebecca to know when Danny’s telling the truth and when she’s lying, but one thing’s for sure: her presence might just blow up Rebecca’s life. As she scrambles to figure out Danny’s intentions, Rebecca begins to lose sight of the people she loves most—and the danger closing in on them all.