Sideways Chile

Sideways Chile

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A Film Stage Pick of Noteworthy Novels for Film 

From the Academy Award–winning writer Rex Pickett comes the third installment in the Sideways series.

Sideways Chile follows the further adventures of Miles Raymond (played by Paul Giamatti in the critically acclaimed movie Sideways). It’s now a few years later and Miles is a successful author with a blockbuster movie adaptation under his belt, but he’s still searching for something, and depression has him, once again, in its taloned grip.

When he is offered a chance to travel to the country of Chile and visit their wine regions for a magazine assignment, Miles—his world turned upside down by bad financial investments and even worse luck with relationships—happily agrees. A somewhat rudderless Miles finds Chile, their people, and their spectacular and vastly diverse wine regions, to be just the first step in a life-transforming journey.