Business Model
Business Model

Business Model

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“For all of David’s technology genius and innovation, he keeps it real…He leads with love, kindness, and a willingness to take others up with him.” —Nancy Lieberman, Broadcaster for ABC, NBC, ESPN, Basketball Hall of Famer, and Former and Olympic Silver Medalist

What does it mean to create a “model”? First, we naturally tune our attention toward role models during early childhood and take data to form an accurate model of our world. And from there, we model and remodel ourselves to become more like the ideal person we conceptualize in our imagination.

Business Model gives readers a front-row view of Williams’ own life experiences that gave rise to his unique business model. With a journey spanning from his early beginnings as a youth in South Dallas to his recent Legacy Award as the 2021 Black Engineer of the Year STEM Global Competitiveness Conference, profound wisdom is derived from every page.

Multi-talented author and AT&T Assistant Vice President of Automation, David C. Williams is fun, compassionate, and drives $100Ms in business. He is also an inaugural Dream in Black winner, Champion of Diversity winner, and has been featured as the cover story in several magazines, including interviews with Ebony, Fox, NBC, and more. Williams’ many trials and triumphs present a powerful opportunity for readers to explore their own lives to extract invaluable lessons and skills.

Throughout Business Model, readers will be treated to countless inspiring perspectives on self-transformation, business success, and transcending adversity, including:

  • Using our past life experiences to fulfill our future ambitions

  • Overcoming obstacles in the corporate world

  • Driving a positive impact on society at large

  • Tapping into the innovation and insight within us all

David C. Williams embodies full transparency and vulnerability as he puts each significant experience of his life on full display. In doing so, Business Model treats its readers to one of the most remarkable, meaningful, and powerful stories seen in years.