The Kill Circle
The Kill Circle

The Cordell Logan Mysteries

The Kill Circle

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Overflowing with action and humor, The Kill Circle is the next must-read page-turning thriller in the critically acclaimed Cordell Logan mystery series.

When one retired CIA analyst plunges off a cliff in his vintage Porsche, it’s an unfortunate accident. When a second and then a third turn up dead under unusual circumstances, the CIA’s suspicions are confirmed: these men were murdered. All three analysts were once assigned to the same top-secret project: an internal review of the CIA’s own involvement in the assassination of President John F. Kennedy. With a Congressional mandate set to go into effect that will require the CIA to release long-secret files, it seems someone will stop at nothing to prevent the public from discovering what really happened that tragic day in Dallas, 1963.

Cordell Logan—veteran pilot, aspiring Buddhist, and former government assassin—has no interest in getting involved in what is swiftly becoming a disturbing conspiracy, even to help out a former colleague. That is, until he meets Layne Sterling, the brilliant CIA agent assigned to the case. Logan and Layne are instantly drawn to one another, but manage to put the case first as they find themselves caught up in a high stakes, high altitude game of cat-and-mouse—one that could destroy them both.