Hot Start
Hot Start

The Cordell Logan Mysteries - Book 5

Hot Start

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The next fast-paced installment in the Cordell Logan series, Hot Start is an adrenaline-fueled, action-packed thrill ride.

One sweltering summer night, an international big-game hunter and his beautiful wife are shot dead—at long range—while swimming naked at their seaside estate in Rancho Bonita, California. The police are convinced the perpetrator is an outspoken animal-rights activist—who happens to have both military training and a criminal record. The evidence seems overwhelming. But then rumors begin to surface that there may be more than one person with the means and motive for murder.

The last thing Cordell Logan wants is to get involved in another police investigation. But he and the suspect have mutual friends, and Logan realizes he alone may be the only one able to discover what really happened. At first reluctant, he soon finds himself neck-deep in a confounding conspiracy involving a congressman with close ties to the White House and a ruthless Czech crime boss who will stop at nothing to protect his illicit operations. Finding the truth will take Logan to places he never expected—and expose him to dangers he may not survive.