Voodoo Ridge
Voodoo Ridge

The Cordell Logan Mysteries

Voodoo Ridge

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Award-winning author David Freed brings readers another fast-paced, adrenaline-fueled mystery in Voodoo Ridge, the third in the Cordell Logan series.

In 1956, a twin-engine airplane bearing mysterious cargo takes off from a small airport outside Los Angeles and flies straight into a raging storm, never to be seen again. Sixty-some years later, retired military assassin and would-be Buddhist Cordell Logan spots wreckage as he and his ex-wife, Savannah, are flying over California’s Sierra Nevada Mountains. The long-missing plane has finally been found.

The couple’s trip to Lake Tahoe where they hope to reconcile their marriage is thrown off when Logan is asked to guide a search and rescue team to the remote crash site. He agrees, but what they discover there is not what they expected. Alongside the crashed plane and its mummified pilot is a fresh corpse: the body of a young man shot mere hours earlier. Someone has beaten them to the downed airplane—and its cargo—and will stop at nothing to profit from what they found, including kidnapping Savannah to ensure Logan’s cooperation. Filled with unexpected twists, full-throttle action, and wry humor, Voodoo Ridge is a thrilling mystery that sees Cordell Logan drawn into the most perplexing and deadly situation he’s ever faced.