This Marriage?
This Marriage?

This Marriage?

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“Being vulnerable and honest in our marriage can be very difficult. But that is exactly what Lizzy and Dave have provided in This Marriage.—Todd Downing, Offensive Coordinator, Tennessee Titans

Have you ever said to yourself “There has got to be more to marriage than this?”

Nine years in, they could check all the boxes: a promising career in the NFL, two beautiful kids, fitness, friends, and financial security. It was picture perfect until one jarring question from a desperate wife shook the foundation of their marriage and exposed the truth.

  • Have you come to a point in your marriage where it is time to make a decision?

  • Will you settle for the status quo indefinitely?

  • Do you feel like giving up and getting out?

  • Are you ready to go deeper at any cost?

If these questions strike a chord with you, you’ve picked up the right book. You will find yourself here as Dave and Lizzy Canales recount their journey with poignant and often painful honesty.

Whether you’re fighting to save your relationship, walking in redemption, or anything in between, This Marriage? is an invitation into the high-risk adventure of an authentic and thriving marriage.