The Empire Wars
The Empire Wars

The Empire Wars Series - Book 1

The Empire Wars

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The Empire Wars is a powerful YA debut in which magic may be a young woman’s only hope for survival.

Coa, who was born feral in the North Transatlantic wilds, has been captured. Now, Coa is subject to public humiliation and execution in a gruesome spectacle known as the Great Hunt.

If participators die in the Great Hunt, their entire families will be executed—in front of everyone. The nationalist regime known as the Allied Force will not rest until all foreigners are exterminated. Coa’s best hope of survival might be Princess Ife—born of privilege but newly married into the authoritarian lineage.

Her riskier choice is an alliance with a gorgeous, cunning fellow participator, marked as a traitor to his militarized nation. Coa entangles herself with the captivating young man but soon finds he could be her ultimate downfall …