Red Unicorn

Red Unicorn

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This is not your daughter’s unicorn. No glittery pink stuffed animal. No.

The Red Unicorn means certain death …

Ex-Pat American Vietnam War Vet Amboy Stevens wants nothing more than to live in peace in 1982 Argentina. But with the Falkland Islands War raging, he is forced to protect a fellow six-fingered American girl who has lost her memory.

They stumble upon a myth as ancient as humanity itself and are soon on the run from warlocks, Nazi treasure hunters, the cult of the unicorn, and sorcerers who want the pair for their own nefarious reasons.

From Buenos Aires to the Island at the End of the World, they are chased, harassed, possessed, attacked, and beleaguered.

Worse. The Red Unicorn is near. If they hope to survive, they’ll need to work together. Because their meeting wasn’t accidental. It’s been predicted ever since they were born, their six-fingered hands an interlocking symbol that no one else can replicate.

From the author of SEAL Team 666 and Bone Chase comes this new amazing supernatural thriller that begins where Bruce Chatwin’s In Patagonia left off.