Nether Station
Nether Station

Nether Station

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From New York Times bestselling author Kevin J. Anderson comes Nether Station, a thrilling mix of epic science fiction and Lovecraftian horror.

Space is vast. Space is full of wonders. Space is terrifying.

In the darkest part of the solar system lies a wormhole. Nether.

Astrophysicist Cammie Skoura has joined the first research team traveling to the Nether anomaly, eager to understand the mechanics of the wormhole and to explore its possibilities as a shortcut to Alpha Centauri.

But another race of ancient beings has already been here—an impossibly long time ago—leaving remnants of their vast complexes and gigantic temples built for horrific beings beyond comprehension.

What dangers did those elder races find in the hidden corners of spacetime?

What did they unleash?

And what remains?

Now, Cammie and the crew of Nether Station must find the answers—before the darkest part of the cosmos swallows them up …