Cold Vengeance
Cold Vengeance

Cold Vengeance

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The Black Berets have fought for their country, for money, and for thrills … now they’re fighting for cold vengeance, as the classic series of wartime adventure continues.

They’d survived everything the Vietcong could throw at them. Now they’d throw it back … at the American renegade who’d betrayed them.

The Black Berets had to hand it to Parkes, their former CIA case officer. First he’d sent them on a suicide mission to Vietnam. Then he’d sent some CIA hit men to finish them off when the enemy couldn’t. And the moment they set foot stateside, the world’s meanest mercenaries found that Parkes had arranged another lethal welcome.

Well, they’d never liked Parkes much. But how were they going to tell him? First they had to find him, and that would take Beeker, Rosie, Cowboy, Harry, and Marty, from the bayous of Louisiana to an academy of terror in the Libyan desert, where they’d get a chance to say just what they had in mind—with bullets and a body bag.