Dark Heart
Dark Heart

The Jed Walker Series - Book 4

Dark Heart

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From bestselling and award-winning author James Phelan, Jed Walker is back in another heart-stopping thriller—Dark Heart.

In war-torn Syria, the lone survivor of a massacre is pulled from beneath a pile of bodies. She is given one instruction: “Find Jed Walker.”

Ex-CIA, Walker is a man who thought he was long out of the game. Discovering a terror outfit is smuggling people from the Middle East into the United States, he is drawn back in. At first Walker thinks these human traffickers are driven purely by profit and greed, but soon learns their motives are much worse—and they have ties to the highest levels of power.

As the body count rises and deadly enemies stalk from the shadows, Walker uncovers the shocking truth behind an operation intended to bring America to its knees. He must work against time, and powerful adversaries, to uncover the truth behind the operation and prevent a global catastrophe from being unleashed.

If he lives, Jed Walker will learn the true cost of life … and the knowledge will change him forever.