Kill Switch
Kill Switch

The Jed Walker Series - Book 3

Kill Switch

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Jed Walker has forty-eight hours to save the world.

The countdown has begun … 

The world is under cyber attack. The secretive terror outfit known as Zodiac is preparing to unleash chaos. The options for the hackers are endless.

From massive data breaches, takedowns of critical infrastructure, and commandeering military hardware, nothing networked is safe. Knowing where they will strike is half the battle. The only thing certain is their intent to create a devastating global catastrophe.

The US president has the power to enact the Internet Freedom Act—the “Kill Switch”— and turn off the Net, which will stop the attacks. But it’s not that simple. Without electronic communication, the US will plummet into—and the rest of the world will soon follow.

One man, ex–CIA operative Jed Walker, has forty-eight hours to stop the terrorists. But for Jed, Zodiac isn’t the only thing he has to worry about. To protect the future he must reconnect with a woman from his past. No matter which way he turns, he has tough choices to make, and not everyone will get out alive. For Walker, the countdown starts now …