The Agency
The Agency

The Jed Walker Series - Book 5

The Agency

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From bestselling and award-winning author James Phelan, the thrilling Jed Walker series continues in The Agency.

It’s 2005, New Orleans, pre-Katrina, and Jed Walker has just started at the CIA. He’s sent on a mission by Harold Richter, CIA field operations legend and trainer of agents provocateur. The task is a one-way ticket—survive and succeed at all costs—and Walker is an off-the-grid, solo, deniable asset.

As Katrina comes to town to forever change a city and a country, it’s clear to Walker that his life as a spy has the potential to shape global events. From Langley to Louisiana, Washington to Moscow, The Agency moves like a hurricane through a treacherous landscape of double crosses, false identities, and enemies old and new.