The Power to Transform
The Power to Transform

The Power to Transform

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You already have the power to transform your life. Within the pages of this book is a proven system for making it happen. No more wishing, dreaming, trying and failing at real transformation. Learn and apply the strategies that have helped thousands achieve life, business, and relationship transformations that have them operating at a higher level than they ever dreamed!

Stop letting your life unfold before you. Create the life you really want! Achieve the measurable and dramatic increases in performance and profits that have been achieved by the likes of the US Army and Marine Corps, Amgen, AT&T, Microsoft, Intel, Allianz, and Capital One who all applied the strategies you’ll find here.

This book distills complex philosophical and linguistic concepts into easy-to-use practices that produce transformational change rapidly and effectively.

  • Move from “knowing” to “competence” through specific thoughts and actions
  • Think more clearly, listen more deeply, speak more powerfully, and act purposefully
  • Face down the most daunting challenges and make consistently powerful choices
  • Develop a simple practice that helps you maintain calm in the midst of any storm life delivers
  • Feel more alive than you have ever felt before.

Whether you’re a student just starting out in life or a high-powered executive (or anyone in between), you’ll be amazed by the awakening that occurs with the practice of simple, yet powerful strategies for total transformation. You’ll see things you’ve never seen before. You’ll feel more awake and alive. You’ll be able to focus your energy to release past limitations and enjoy the benefits of being accountable and helping others in your work and life do the same.

Warning: Achieving transformation will require you to step outside your comfort zone, but nothing worthwhile happens in that zone anyway. When your commitment to learning trumps your commitment to being afraid, you will learn…and enjoy the benefits that greater learning brings you.