Penelope Goes to Portsmouth
Penelope Goes to Portsmouth

The Traveling Matchmaker Series

Penelope Goes to Portsmouth

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A dead employer’s legacy of five thousand pounds has allowed spinster Hannah Pym to resign from housekeeping and find adventure traveling the English countryside by coach. But adventure soon finds Miss Pym in the form of runaway brides, spirited heiresses, and international refugees, who give her an opportunity to test her expert matchmaking skills.

In the coach to Portsmouth, Miss Pym faces her most difficult matchmaking challenge yet. The lovely Miss Penelope Wilkins, daughter of a rich merchant, would be the perfect match for the handsome Lord Augustus, a nobleman whose fortune is almost depleted. She would be, that is, if the two were at all compatible.

Though strikingly beautiful, the too-practical Penelope seems to stand on quite the opposite cliff from the carefree Lord Augustus. But when the undaunted Miss Pym enlists their help in untangling an intrigue—and Lord Augustus steals an astounding kiss from the shocked Penelope—Miss Pym is convinced that her matchmaking expertise will soon bridge any chasm between the reluctant lovers.