Conversion Marketing
Conversion Marketing

Conversion Marketing

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“One of the most significant marketing books I’ve ever read.”
Scott Hogle, President, iHeart Media and author of the bestseller Persuade

Increasing conversion rates for digital marketing campaigns is an increasingly complex task. Conversion Marketing is written to help cut through the complexity of your marketing stack and provide clear answers to what type of campaigns to run for your business.

Whether you are planning B2B campaigns, B2C, mobile app engagement, or social media strategy, Conversion Marketing clearly lays out the top twenty-four promotional tools that convert audiences into paying customers. Author Bryan Heathman brings experience from running thousands of marketing campaigns over a career spanning three Fortune 10 companies and multiple start-ups.

This book was written to take the guesswork out of planning your digital marketing strategy.

In this book, you will discover:

  • Twenty-four promotional tools to convert visitors into buyers

  • The six questions to NEVER ask in a marketing campaign

  • Nine steps to turn your email newsletters into a cash machine

  • Sixteen practical tips to optimize for maximum conversion

This book explores the psychological triggers that will increase conversion rates by diving into human behavior related to various promotional tools at your disposal. Complete with stories and case studies, you will become a master of persuasion after reading this book.