Available July 2, 2019

Truth, By Omission by Daniel Beamish
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Dr. Alfred Olyontombo barely survived the violence of his desperate childhood in central Africa. Ripped from his village as a young orphan, Alfred persevered through turbulent years of lawlessness and civil war, eventually making his way to a refugee camp as Rwanda’s genocide raged behind him. Alone amidst the chaotic conditions at the camp, Alfred’s quick mind and gift for languages caught the attention of an idealistic young doctor who opened the door to a whole new life for Alfred. He seized that chance, moving forward with hard work, honor, and a conscious decision to leave the full truth of his past—and the boy he used to be—behind in Africa.

Years pass and Alfred becomes a respected physician married to a beautiful lawyer, enjoying a privileged life in Colorado. But then his idyllic existence is shattered by the terminal illness of his young daughter. As he and his wife struggle to come to terms with their unfathomable loss, Alfred is publicly accused of a long-ago war crime in Africa. The mere accusation threatens to destroy everything he has built—including his marriage. But as he struggles to defend himself, Alfred realizes he is culpable and that omitting his sins did not absolve them.

His future hanging in the balance, Alfred is forced to face all the misdeeds he’d hoped time and his carefully crafted version of the past had buried forever. But is it too late for the truth to matter?

Daniel Beamish

Daniel Beamish

Daniel Beamish, tempted into politics by his interests in social issues and public service, was elected three times to municipal council in Ottawa, Canada. During this time, he wrote a weekly information and opinion column in the community newspaper. Leaving politics to pursue creative endeavors, he spent another decade working as a professional model and part-time actor. When not writing, Beamish currently spends his time enjoying the achievements of his family and volunteering locally in Ottawa where he continues to live. Truth, by Omission is his first novel.