Glen and Stan, the Odd Couple of scamdom, are back from their Big Get-Even adventure with another get-rich-quick-or-go-down-in-flames scheme.

As part of their trafficking in counterfeit merch, they are looking to turn a few pallets of Grade Z computer chips into some military hardware sure to interest dictators and despots and drug lords around the globe. Bankrolled by a greedy local crime boss, they hope to promote a half-genius, half-addlepated invention from a naive and principled inventor into a bonanza. But no one ever counts on complications arising from a wayward wife, some sexy Eurotrash go-betweens, and a lonely entrepreneurial girlfriend who finds her native tropical isle conducive to a troublesome loosening of morals. Add in a most unconventional explosives expert, and you have a caper half hilarious, half deadly, and 100 percent entertaining.

Praise for The Big Get-Even:

“Raymond Chandler would envy some of Di Filippo’s similes and wisecracks…Storytelling artistry meets scam artistry and the lucky reader scores big.” —Michael Dirda, Pulitzer Prize—winning critic and Edgar Award—winning author

“Compulsively readable and spiked with wry wit. You cheer the motley characters every step of the way to the H-bomb climax…Raymond Chandler would love this book.” —Rudy Rucker, Philip K. Dick Award–winning author of the Ware Tetralogy

“An astonishingly accomplished, virtually seamless caper-suspense novel…I hope there will be more of these and that I will be present for at least some.” —Barry N. Malzberg

“[This]cocktail of classic noir blends a cast of sexy and larcenous guys and molls, a wittily suspenseful buildup, and a gasp-provoking payoff.” —Michael Bishop, author of Ancient of Days


The Big Get-Even by Paul Di Filippo
Paul Di Filippo

Paul Di Filippo

Paul Di Filippo sold his first story in 1977. Since then, he has written and published over two hundred more, as well as several novels, amounting to roughly thirty-five books. He lives in Providence, Rhode Island, with his partner, Deborah Newton.