The Broken Room

By Peter Clines

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An i09 Pick of the Month's New Science Fiction & Fantasy 

The new supernatural thriller from New York Times bestselling author Peter Clines

You can still owe the dead.

Hector was the best of the best. A government operative who could bring armies to a halt and nations to their knees. But when his own country betrayed him, he dropped off the grid and picked up the first of many bottles.

Natalie can’t remember much of her life before her family brought her to the US, but she remembers the cages. And getting taken away to the Project with dozens of other young children to become part of their nightmarish experiments. That’s how she ended up with the ghost of a dead secret agent stuck in her head.

And Hector owes Natalie’s ghost a big favor.

Now Hector and Natalie are on the run from an army of killers sent to retrieve her. Because the people behind the Project are willing to risk almost anything to get Natalie back and complete their experiments.

Editorial Reviews

“With The Broken Room, Peter Clines weaves a genre-crossing tapestry of compelling storytelling. Characters—living and dead—you care about, and plot twists you could never see coming. Absolutely brilliant!” Jonathan Maberry, New York Times bestselling author of V-Wars and the Joe Ledger thrillers

“It’s rare to find this blend of pulse-pounding action and tremendous heart, but somehow Clines gives us a perfectly balanced narrative. Anchoring the twists and turns are the unlikeliest of duos, two lost souls you will find yourself falling in love with over and over again.” Madeline Roux, author of the Asylum series

“A dark thriller with lovable characters, a dark mystery, and a blood-curdling horror element, The Broken Room delivers a fast-paced thriller with Peter Clines’s signature lovable characters and knack for Lovecraftian mystery.” Craig DiLouie, author of The Children of Red Peak

“Peter Clines invented his own genre, and with every book he pushes it further than you can imagine. The Broken Room is at once brutally relentless, darkly unsettling, and strangely touching. This is a straight-shot pedal-down road trip with Elmore Leonard driving and Robert Aickman working the map. It's a cosmic horror John Wick.” Robert Brockway, author of Carrier Wave and Rx: A Tale of Electronegativity

“The Broken Room is one of Clines’s best books and captures that same magic that made King, McCammon, and Koontz household names." Stephen Blackmoore, bestselling author of the Eric Carter series

“Equally heartracing and heartrending, The Broken Room is a must-read for thrill-seekers longing for spooky season.” Sam Maggs, author of The Unstoppable Wasp: Built on Hope

“The Professional meets Stranger Things for a heart-stopping ride through Clines’s America.” Scott Sigler, New York Times bestselling author of Ancestor and the Infected series

“With a nod to Lone Wolf and Cub, The Broken Room is a rare mesh of horror and thriller that leads with its wit and heart and follows through with tremendous action. Clines takes the reader on an exhilarating ride to dark and unexpected places, and brings them back mostly in one piece. A fantastic read.” Wesley Chu, #1 New York Times bestselling author of the War Arts Saga

“The Broken Room is a delightfully unpredictable ride! It was a roller coaster made entirely out of curveballs, but Clines makes it look easy.” Brian Clevinger, writer and cocreator of Atomic Robo

“A full-throttle thriller that deftly fuses superspy heroics and paranormal weirdness, The Broken Room is relentless, its nonstop action intensified by author Peter Clines’s compelling portrayal of childhood trauma, adult regret, and the redemptive power of familial love.” Marshall Karp, #1 New York Times bestselling author, cocreator/coauthor of the NYPD Red series

“The new novel by the author of Paradox Bound (2017) and Ex-Heroes (2015) melds big ideas into carefully orchestrated moments of human drama. Clines asks us to accept a seriously out-there premise, but (as he usually does) he sells the premise through his characters…The author’s technique of dispensing information a few small pieces at a time serves him very well.” Booklist

“Clines knows how to tell a story and uses that ability to get the reader eager to learn more with every page turn…Kudos, Mr. Clines, for a great piece of fiction.” Mystery & Suspense

“It’s Jack Reacher meets Stranger Things with American Elsewhere vibes. Heart-racing adventure with highly motivated characters in truly horrific supernatural circumstances. Clines sticks the landing on this one. It’s one hell of a ride and not for the squeamish or faint-hearted.” Jennifer Brozek, author of Never Let Me Sleep and Last Days of Salton Academy

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Peter Clines

Author Biography

Peter Clines is the toy-collecting, movie-loving, New York Times bestselling author of Paradox Bound, Terminus, The Fold, 14, the Ex-Heroes series, a pair of short-story collections, a classical mash-up novel, some unproduced screenplays, and countless articles about the film and television industry. He currently lives and writes somewhere in Southern California.