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From internationally bestselling author Gabrielle Faust, Missing is an engrossing supernatural thriller in which two young women and a retired detective are forced to fight their demons—literally.

Every ten years a female resident vanishes without a trace from the Magnolia Apartments. This has been happening for nearly a century, and for the last forty years Detective Clive Guidry—now retired—has made those cold cases his life’s work, to no avail.

When seventeen-year-old Izzy and her troubled mother Shannon move into their new apartment, Izzy immediately begins to witness unexplainable apparitions—human and otherwise—and her mother’s mental state takes a severe nosedive.

Izzy’s neighbor, Vanessa, is plagued by her own paranormal experiences, and soon realizes there is more to the traumatic hauntings than she could have imagined, even before a strange manuscript appears on her desk out of nowhere.

With only weeks before the annual disappearance, the trio must act quickly to uncover the truth behind the terrifying haunting of the Magnolia Apartments and prevent Izzy from becoming the next lost girl.

But these supernatural forces are powerful, and not so easily banished …