The Brothers Kenney
The Brothers Kenney

The Brothers Kenney

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From master of the mystery genre and bestselling author Adam Mitzner comes The Brothers Kenney, a murder mystery that pushes one family to the breaking point.

Former track star Sean Kenney used to be on top of the world, but that was a very long time ago. Now he’s been estranged from his loved ones for the past two years—until the unthinkable calls him home.

While struggling to make sense of the devastating death that has shaken the Kenney family to its core, Sean grasps at the opportunity to seek forgiveness for his past mistakes—from his family and himself—while clinging to the belief that if he can discover what really happened that day, he might somehow be redeemed.

Both a family saga and a thrilling mystery, The Brothers Kenney searches for forgiveness and the meaning of home as assiduously as it does the identity of a killer.